Reed Workshop Jurjaanz
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What is it Custom made clarinet reeds
Custom made clarinet reeds are special made. We start with your way of playing and your type of sound. It is possible to create a custom made reed for every clarinet or mouthpiece and for professional or advanced clarinet players.
The meaning of the whole procedure is to design and create reeds which produce a beautiful warm sound and play with maximum comfort in both higher and lower registers. By taking time for thorough making and development, one creates a piece of wood of great balance to put on the profile. Also this is work of exact precision to create a solid and comfortable result. Everything is being done to let you play beautiful without reed worries.

Why is it
Every clarinet player knows the importance of a good reed. In the end this is the difference between failure and success. Bought reeds have (in general) less quality and making your own costs a lot of time and experience.
And who doesn't dream of a reed box filled with superior reeds?

How we work
We can make you the finest reeds as follows:
Send a reed that you find very well. The reed is being analysed: wood, sound, resistance, thickness, construction, tip etc. This plus the finishing touch, on which is paid much attention, guarantees a nice and comfortable reed.

The costs
To make you a reed as described will cost
6,- / 4, - per reed.
It is possible to send you reeds on a regular basis, for example 3 to 5 reeds every month or two months. This will cost  5,- /  3,50 per reed.
Prices are without tax and shipping.

Frans Jurjaanz completed his study at the School of Music in Amsterdam in 1993. He studied with Leo van Tol and Piet Honingh. He works as a freelancer in many professional orchestras in the Netherlands and was clarinet teacher. For nearly 20 years he has created his own reeds and now he has decided to share his knowledge with colleagues and others.